Monday 5th November 2012

Today the singers had to be in at 10am to warm up their voices for the day ahead.  Groups A B and my group F and all accoustic acts plus the super bands had to be in at 11am.  We discussed the timetable for the day to find out where everybody had to be at what time.  Group A went on stage first so Dave could listen to them.  Then my group F were on afterwards.  We went on stage and showed Dave what we had done and he gave us his opinion.  He said that the singing in Jeremy was not working out well so Liam was replaced by Jordan.  During the afternoon I rehearsed along with Liam on our accoustic songs which are:

I Wanna be Like You - Jungle Book


Candy - Paolo Nutini


Unfortunately Chris was not with us to play bass as he was rehearsing Bohemian Rhapsody so Dave took his place for today.  Dave thought both pieces worked very well and there were no problems with it.

I had finished for the day but decided to stay back and I ended up playing the Cajon (box) for Sally and Jonathan on their piece ‘How to save a Life’ by the Fray.  I am now going to be playing this piece in the concert which I am really pleased about. Also, Liam and I helped Sally with her harmonies.